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Easy access to training videos! The product page is just one, quick click away for finding the training you want. It is all there at your fingertips!
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Get on the fast track to learning! Our step-by-step tutorials show you how! They are easy to follow and will quickly get you on the path to learning.
Gain Incredible Skills
You will gain the skills and tools you need to master the task of screen casting. Learn the basics or add those professional touches to your screen casts!
  New Courses Frequently Added
We are updating the site with new videos all the time. Check back often to see what's been added.
Save Time and Money
Learn the specific software you are using quickly without the need for travel or investing in expensive online courses.
  Great Return on Investment
You will be able to create and produce professional looking screencast videos of your own. This will potentially save you thousands of dollars that you would have spent to outsource these services.
Affordable Solutions
Membership is one of the best deals around! Monthly and yearly membership can bring you a wealth of information for only pennies a day.
  If you don't see it, request it!
We want to provide our members with the training they need! If you do not see a topic you are interested in, please let us know! We are happy to accommodate requests whenever we can.

Membership Includes:
The Most Comprehensive Video Training Dedicated to Screencasting, Plus...
Bonus #1
Free eBook called: What Kind of Computer Should I Buy? (Download)
Helpful information on how to purchase a computer. Includes detailed descriptions of each the components in the computer as well as scenario based recommendations...a great resource to have.
Bonus #2
Free Interactive PDF: Camtasia:Mac Screencast Training
These are the screencast videos that are in the Camtasia Mac section of this membership site but in a very nice Interactive PDF format so they can be played on your Mac or PC without having to access the membership site.

FAQ's (click to select)
What kind of payment options are available?
We accept payment through Paypal. Paypal accepts all kinds of credit cards including American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.
Why do we only use Paypal?
Paypal is fast, safe, and secure. We have been using it since 1999. It has always been reliable and we trust it.
Why do I need a Paypal Account for Recurring Payments?
This is a Paypal requirement and it allows them to easily bill you each month. Signing up for Paypal is easy and they have a solid reputation.
Why is our refund policy?
We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can find out more about it here.
How long is my membership rate good for?
One of the great things about partnering with is that we will guarantee your subscription rate for as long as you keep your renewal active with us. This is a great offer because as the number of videos continue to grow, our monthly and yearly rates will grow with them.
Can I view from anywhere or do I have to be on my personal laptop or computer?
As long as you have Internet access, you will have access to the training. You can log in from any computer and access your member account.
Is compatible with both Windows and Mac?
Yes, it uses your Internet Browser and your Internet connection. It will work on both platforms.
Can I view the videos on my mobile device?
Yes, you can view the videos on you mobile device however the site works best on a tablet because the videos are much easier to see. The site has been tested on an iPhone and it works just fine.
Does ScreenCast Help have an Affiliate program?
Not right now but look for a program coming forth in the near future.
Who should I contact if I have any questions?
You can reach us here.